How to farm
1) First up, head on over to our main page and click on farms. It will bring you at this place.
1) Click on "GET DGNZ-BNB" button and you'll be brought to PancakeSwap Decentralized Exchange where you can purchase $DGNZ token.
Let's use the pair DGNZ/BNB as an example. You'll get at this screen
Enter the amount of BNB you wish to convert. Press swap and confirm swap on your wallet.
2) After swapping, click on the Liquidity tab and then the "Add Liquidity" button.
4) Key in the amount of tokens for the equivalent amount you would like to supply as liquidity and click on the "Supply" button.
5) You'll receive a breakdown of the LP tokens that you are supplying along with its relevant information. Click on "Confirm Supply" once you're ready. Once you've supplied liquidity, you should see an equivalent amount of DGNZ/BNB LP in your wallet. Head on over here to deposit them into the DGNZ vaults.
6) Head to DGNZ-BNB tab. At this point, you will need to APPROVE the spending of your LP. When it is done press the MAX button then Deposit.
You should see your corresponding amount of LP tokens in the "Deposited" balance of the respective vault (in this case, the DGNZ/BNB LP Vault).
Last modified 7mo ago
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